Do you love to sing? Would you like to learn to improve your singing technique? In the Boston area? Learn to:




  • ——use your breath and body more efficiently, so you don’t feel tired or quickly out-of-breath as you sing



  • ——unleash the rich timbre and power of your voice



  • ——expand your vocal range—higher and lower, greater drama or sweetness of tone, or the range of music you feel comfortable singing



  • ——and, most importantly, feel confidence in your voice and your singing!



I’m excited to offer voice lessons in the heart of Brighton, Massachusetts. I’m an operatic baritone who has performed opera, classical song (“Lied”), musical theater and chazzanut internationally, as well as having taught private students in New York, Connecticut and Germany.


Learn to sing the music you love—classical, musical theater/jazz/pop, or the music of synagogue worship. It would be my pleasure to help you (or your child preparing for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah!) improve your singing for davening; I have taught voice lessons to rabbinical students looking to develop their voices for leading congregations, and I have served as the High Holiday Chazzan at Congregation B’nai Torah in Trumbull, CT. You can read about my work as a singer and watch videos of performances.


My vocal technique is based on one, essential principle: ease. Singing that feels easy and relaxed is singing that you enjoy and that sounds best. We’ll work to use your voice efficiently and simply so that you can simply relax and enjoy letting your voice free.


Call or e-mail to set up a 30-minute consultation lesson at no charge. I’m looking forward to hearing (from) you! | (203) 243-0861